The Daubeny Lecture Theatre - Magdalen

The Daubeny Lecture Theatre was the main venue for our weekly meetings from Trinity 2014 to Hilary 2015, and previously between Trinity 2011 and Hilary 2012.

The Lecture Theatre is a large, open room with a large number of free-standing chairs and, crucially, a projector, large screen, and sound system, which are used for our video meetings. However, there is a strict ban on eating and drinking in the Daubeny Lecture Theatre, so please do not bring any food or drink.

If you don't know where the Daubeny is, then it's best to be outside the Magdalen Porter's Lodge on the east end of the High Street, near Magdalen Bridge just before 8pm to catch us walking over. If you arrive subsequently, then entrance is via Rose Lane and it's best to ring a member of society already in attendance if you can't get it.

Map showing the Daubeny Building


To reach the Daubeny Building from the main lodge, cross the road towards the botanical gardens and turn right along the High Street. Take the first left turn into Rose Lane, and then turn left again when you reach the first large gate on your left. The building to your right is the Daubeny Building - the entrance is the second glass door on your right (near the far end of the building). The large windows a bit to the right of the door are the windows of the Laboratory - knock on these and someone will come to let you in.