Corpus Christi College

Our main venue for weekly meetings from Michaelmas 2021 is the Rainholds Room at Corpus Christi. The Seminar Room was the main venue for our weekly meetings from Michaelmas Term 2016 until Hilary Term 2018, and from Trinity Term 2019 until Trinity Term 2022.

Corpus Christi College is located on Merton Street, between Merton College and Christ Church's Picture Gallery entrance. Merton Street can be easily accessed from the High Street via Magpie Lane, Oriel Street, or King Edward Street.

Map showing the Miles Room


For the Rainholds Room

Once you enter the college, head towards the back-right corner of the quad and go through the passage. Continue past the building works and enter the brown door on the right.

For the Seminar Room

The Seminar Room in Corpus Christi is accessed via Staircase 4. If you go through the door to Staircase 4, the Seminar Room is the door immediately on your right.