Lodge Seminar Room - Lady Magaret Hall

The Lodge Seminar Room in Lady Margaret Hall was the main venue for our weekly meetings in Trinity 2015.

The seminar room holds about 25-30 people with a projector, screen, and sound system, Lecture Room 2 is fairly well-suited to video meetings. It is also permissible to consume food and drink, so long as we don't leave a mess.

The Lodge Seminar Room is found in what would be the front quad, but, as indicated on the map shown below, ongoing building works mean we have to go the long way round as indicated below.

Map showing Lady Margaret Hall


Enter the College through temporary lodge, as indicated by the signs on Fyfield Road, and go through it to the left and exit the lodge. Go through the archway straight ahead, and follow the path until you can pass through the large archway on the right (past the library). The room is in the Eleanor Lodge, which is across the quad to the right.