The Miles Room - St Peter's

The Miles Room (M) has been our main location for meetings during the 2015 - 2016 academic year and Trinity Term 2022 onwards. Very occasionally, we may meet in the Dorfman Centre (R).

St Peter's College is located on New Inn Hall Street, next to Wesley Memorial Church.

Map showing the Miles Room


Enter St. Peter's College through the small gate at the end of the railings and into the porter's lodge (A). Head towards the back-left corner of the Linton Quad and go around the college chapel to your left. Head down the steps and you will eventually find the Miles Room (M) towards the far-left corner of the Chavasse Quad.

To reach the Dorfman Centre (R), exit the porter's lodge (A) and head towards the back-right corner of the Linton Quad. Go through the gap next to the Latner Building (D), then turn left and keep walking past the Matthews Building (E) and Morris Building (G). You will eventually reach the Dorfman Centre (R).