St. John's College - MCR

St. John's was the main home the society before the move to Magdalen College. Meetings are rarely held here today, usually to coincide with the screening of longer stories, given the timing restrictions at other rooms.

The video room in the St. John's College is well-furnished with a number of sofas and comfy chairs and a large wall-mounted television. Food and drink are allowed, with reasonable care. The St. John's College bar is also within a reasonable distance, permitting a bar break, or the fetching of drinks, as preferred by those at the meeting.

The MCR is found inside the main St. John's site - a map showing the reasonably long route is below, with directions.

Map of St. John's College showing the location of the MCR


Enter by the main entrance on St. Giles' and pass through the archway on the left, past the college chapel. In the next quad, aim for the far right corner and walk through the passageway, turning right into the next quad at the end. Head for the opposite corner, on the path either around the edge or down the steps and across the grass. After passing through another small archway, the MCR will be the large glass building ahead - proceed round to the far side to find the door, which will usually be propped open for the start of the meeting. Otherwise, call the phone number circulated with the publicity email for the week for access