The North Lecture Room - St John's

The North Lecture Room in St. John's College used to be the home of the termly Geek Quiz, where all of the geeky societies in Oxford come together to show off their knowledge of all things sci-fi, fantasy or otherwise geeky (although computer programming is no longer acceptable given one infamous incident with a round on assembly languages...)

The room is a fairly standard lecture room, with tables, chairs and whiteboards. However, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited - any food, drink, or evidence thereof, is forbidden in the room.

A map showing the location of the room and directions are below - it is preferred that people attending the Geek Quiz do not ask the St. John's Porters about the Quiz, given the nature of the room booking. NB: This does NOT permit the making of Fight Club jokes. Anyone who does so may be excluded from the Quiz at the discretion of the Quizmaster.

Map showing the North Lecture Room


To get to the North Lecture Room, enter St. John's College by the main entrance on St. Giles' and proceed through the archway on the left, past the College Chapel. The room is in the far left corner - normally indicated by a group of GeeksTM gathering outside. Those arriving late should find the door open, or knock for access.