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About the Oxford Financial Research Centre


The University of Oxford has one of the largest and most active group of academic researchers in finance in Europe.  Its strength comes from combining academics in several different departments of the University.  They bring different approaches and disciplines to the subject so that together they span a wealth of specialities in finance.  


The Oxford Financial Research Centre (OFRC) is the umbrella organization that brings together researchers in finance working across the University of Oxford. 


There are researchers in the Economics, Law, Maths and Physics departments and in the Sad Business School.  


Researchers in the Economics Department are particularly interested in the microeconomics of financial markets, principal-agent models and financial econometrics.  


Research in the Law Faculty focuses on the regulatory and legal aspects of financial markets and institutions. 


Inside the Faculty of Mathematics, members of the Mathematical Finance Group work on a range of applications of mathematics in finance, including classical and non-classical market models and theoretical and numerical aspects of derivatives pricing. The group's approach is practically oriented and organized through the Nomura Centre and the Centre for Computational Finance. 


Research at the interface between Physics and finance includes the development of multi-agent market models to financial markets. 


Researchers in the Sad Business School specialize in empirical and theoretical aspects of asset pricing and corporate finance. Research in finance at the University of Oxford is a rapidly expanding area.  


There are opportunities for masters students, doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, practitioners and policymakers to become involved in its activities.  


Recent activities are described here and the faculty, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers involved in the Centre under People