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Financial Law Discussion Group

The Financial Law Discussion Group (FLDG), a discussion group created by students of the Faculty of Law at Oxford University, has finally taken form and function. Started in May 2004, the group had its first formal meeting on the 3rd of June 2004 at which Professor Philip Wood, lecturer in Global Comparative Financial Law at the University, led the discussion on current trends in world regulation of financial services. Professor Wood is also the Groupís mentor.

The FLDG was formed out of the growing concern among research students at the lack of a group which fostered discussion in financial law issues. There are two main objectives which it is intended that the Group will achieve:
1. To facilitate discussion in particular areas of research and interest among law students in the field of financial law;
2. To foster inter-disciplinary discussion in law, economics and finance.

With regard to the first objective, it is hoped that the group will provide a platform for the interaction of the students, teaching staff and professionals thereby enabling the sharing of knowledge and experience and aiding students in their research.

The justification for the second objective arises from the fact that financial law cannot be viewed in isolation but must incorporate both economic and financial issues and viewpoints if the law is to be relevant and effective. It is to this extent that the FLDG has sought and will continue to seek the involvement and cooperation of the Universityís Said Business School and Economics Faculty.

In order to achieve its objectives, the FLDG issued at its first meeting (and will continue to issue in future) a simple questionnaire in which those attending the meetings can state, inter alia, their research subject, other subjects of interest and suggested speakers. The Group has also embarked on a program aimed at securing the presence and participation of leading academic and non academic professionals/experts in the various fields (law, economics and finance) in all future discussions and meetings.


Ms Kaluba C Sianga (D.Phil Student, Linacre College,Oxford University)
Ms Camille Stoll-Davey (DPhil Student, Wolfson College, Oxford University)
Ms Hanaan Balala (MSt Student, Lincoln College, Oxford Universty)