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Working Papers - Information for Oxford Researchers


The OFRC currently maintains two working paper series:


Financial Economics 


Mathematical Finance




If you wish to submit a paper to the series you should email it to filippo.ippolito@sbs.ox.ac.uk. It will then be forwarded to Dr Sam Howison in Maths, Professor Colin Mayer at the Sad Business School or Prof Neil Shephard at Economics for consideration before inclusion in the series. 


We are not seeking to exclude papers, only to ensure that a minimum quality level is established.


The papers should be submitted in electronic form. Most software formats can be successfully converted into PDF format. The papers should have an abstract of not more than 100 words which will be included in the working paper listing.


Working papers will be listed under one of two headings: Financial Economics or Mathematical Finance. You should indicate which heading you believe to be the most appropriate. 


Unless you state otherwise, the papers will be automatically submitted to http://econpapers.hhs.se . Please include your full contact information and under which sections you wish the abstract to appear.


If you have any questions about the working paper series please contact Colin Mayer (colin.mayer@sbs.ox.ac.uk).


Recent activities are described here and the faculty, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers involved in the Centre under People