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1st Oxford Financial Research Summer Symposium


3-14 June 2002


Supported by Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)



Working Papers



Andres Almazan

Intra-Industry Capital Structure Dispersion: How Do Capital Structures Differ Among Competitors? 

Bruno Biais

The Deutsche Bank Lecture: European Financial Integration Integration and competition in European stock markets

Jos van Bommel

First Mover Disadvantages in Hot Issue Markets

Espen Eckbo

Overbidding vs fire-sales in bankruptcy auctions

Itay Goldstein

Manipulation, the allocation role of prices and production externalities

Alexander Guembel 

The Good Cop and the Bad Cop: Complementarities between Debt and Equity in Disciplining Management

Alexander Ljungqvist

Hot Markets, Investor Sentiment, and IPO Pricing

Alan Morrison

Crises and Capital requirements in banking

Holger Mueller

Bank Lending Based on "Hard" Information: A Security Design Perspective

Sheridan Titman

Capital Structure and Transparency

S. "Vish" Viswanathan

Market Valuation and Merger Waves