EEG Programme Research

Skills, education and work in the digital age
Oxford Martin School Lecture, November 3rd 2016. Slides. Video.

Jobs and skills in the digital economy
Shaping the new world of work: The impacts of digitalisation and robotisation, ETUI-ETUC Conference, Brussels, June 27th 2016 Slides

Are UK earnings really polarising?
Resolution Foundation, London, March 23rd 2015. Slides. Video.

SKOPE Research

Measuring overqualification
QuantSIG seminar, Department of Education, Oxford, October 31st 2016. Slides.

Higher education, economic growth and job upgrading
HM Treasury, London, November 11th 2014 / SKOPE Festival of Social Science, St Anne's College, Oxford, November 3rd 2014. Slides

Is the distribution of earnings in the UK shaped by educational attainment and occupational outcomes? An application of unconditional quantile regression techniques
Quant SIG seminar, Department of Education, Oxford University, April 28th 2014. Slides

Why is the decline in routine jobs across Europe so uneven?
International Labour Process Conference, King's College, London, April 7th 2014. Slides

Are labour markets really polarising?
ISER seminar, University of Essex, October 21st 2013. Slides

Hollowing out and the future of the labour market
Comment on Steve McIntosh paper, NIESR, London, September 17th 2013. Slides

Room at the top? Implications of the hourglass labour market for earnings, mobility and skills policy
Department of Education public seminar, November 26th 2012. Slides

Education, earning inequality and social mobility: towards a new model
SKOPE seminar, ESRC Festival of Social Science, November 6th 2012. Slides

Room at the top - and the bottom, too: the winners and losers in the hourglass labour market
Education and Employers Taskforce Research Conference, Warwick University, October 12th 2011. Slides Video

Thinking outside the box? Assessing mobility through typologies of employment organisation
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Annual Meeting, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, June 24th 2011. Slides

The route out of the routine: mobility and the changing structure of occupations
International Labour Process Conference, University of Leeds, April 7th 2011. Paper Slides

Doctoral Research

Myopia, pension payments and retirement: an experimental approach
Gorman Workshop, Department of Economics, Oxford University, November 5th 2010. Slides

Myopia and retirement planning
Gorman Workshop, Department of Economics, Oxford University, November 27th 2009. Slides Additional Figures