Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

FLIM beamline Our group has been involved in Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy for a few years now. We started with multi-photon based systems and now routinely use single photon FLIM in an automated manner with the Open Microscopes. Analysis of FLIM images is also important to us and the novel algorithms we have developed are included in the TRI2 program - find it in Software. Recently we have been developing Bayesian methods for analysis; recent publications can be found below. image 2

Further Reading

FLIM Simulation screenshot

Monte Carlo Model of Fluorescence

Monte Carlo Model of Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements with TCSPC.Try out the FLIM Simulations..

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Publication: Rowley et al. 2016
Publication: Rowley et al. 2011
Publication: Barber et al. 2010

The novel "photon-by-photon" approach to lifetime fitting is revealed in these publications.


An Electrical Photon Source

We describe a pulse generator which provides fast, low amplitude, negative-going pulses as may be generated by a fast photomultiplier tube (PMT). This generator is primarily aimed at testing detection circuits intended to be driven from PMTs.

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Help document for FLIM processing in TRI2
Publication: Barber et al. 2009

Non-linear fitting routines are described in this document that are incorporated into TRI2.

laser scanner pdf

Optical laser beam scanner lens relay system

A description of the optical laser scanning system used in our open microscopes. It utilises a 4f optical relay.

laser head image

Fianium laser optical head mounting

The mounting system used in the open microscopes for the Fianium supercontinuum laser.