JŠn Pich

Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Area: Mathematical Logic & Complexity Theory

CV       RS


Learning algorithms versus automatability of Frege systems, with Rahul Santhanam, preprint, Oct 2021.

Learning algorithms from circuit lower bounds, preprint, Nov 2020.

Beyond natural proofs: hardness magnification and locality, with L.Chen, S.Hirahara, I.C.Oliveira, N.Rajgopal and R.Santhanam, ITCS'20, Nov 2019.

Hardness magnification near state-of-the-art lower bounds, with Igor C.Oliveira and Rahul Santhanam, CCC'19, preprint: Sep 2018. [slides]

Feasibly constructive proofs of succinct weak circuit lower bounds, with Moritz Müller, APAL'19, different version: Sep 2017. [slides]

Understanding Gentzen and Frege systems for QBF, with Olaf Beyersdorff, LICS 2016.

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Poetry: Mathesis universalis, 2016.