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Further Resources

General Film & Media Academic Sites
  • The Media & Communication Studies Site
    Maintained by Daniel Chandler at the University of Aberystwyth, this site is vast and authoritative. It hosts a tremendous amount amount of articles and materials on a very broad range of media topics whilst also offering one of the most useful, well-organised and voluminous set of sound media studies links available anywhere on the Web.
  • theory.org.uk
    A frequently updated website about the relationship between the mass media and people's identities, genders and everyday lives by David Gauntlett from the Institute of Communication Studies at Leeds University.
  • Popcultures.com
    Formerly Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center, this site is very much an American equivalent of The Media and Communication Studies site. It is a well-organised wealth of links to articles, journals, bibliographies, organisations academic courses and much more. Additionally, the site hosts a range of book and website reviews and a discussion forum.
  • Screen Studies Online
    Maintained by Sean Cubitt at Liverpool John Moore's University for the Screen Studies course there, this site offers access to a range of interesting course materials on film, television and digital cultures, some inventive student work and a very useful collection of film and media links.
  • CCMS Infobase
    Written and maintained by Mick Underwood, this site is written for students beginning to study communication, cultural and media studies and contains a wealth of clear summaries of a good range of media issues and debates. Also includes very useful links pages.
  • The English Server
    Much more than a film and media site, this is a vast, collection of arts and humanities papers, of varying quality, although often provocative, published on the server in the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University. The site hosts a range of journals, papers and discussion lists of interest to researchers in literary, media and cultural studies.
  • Cinema Space
    In its infancy as regards content, Cinema Space, from the Film Studies Program at UC Berkeley is a site devoted to collecting articles and multimedia materials for the study of film and film theory.
  • Film Sound Design & Theory
    A great starting point on the Web for material dedicated to the art and the analysis of film sound. Good sections on the terminology used to analyse sound in film. Lots of articles and excellent annotated links to Web resources about film sound.
Film, Media and Cultural Studies Online Journals

Film and Media Links Sites and Pages

Film Databases
  • Internet Movie Database
    Originally produced by an independent, international organisation, and now part of the Amazon.com group, the Internet Movie Database holds entries for over 200,000 movies with over 2,000,000 filmography entries, and is constantly updated.The database is intended to encompass all films produced and being produced, since the earliest cinema.
  • The All-Movie Guide
    Search for key film details and follow and establish links between groups of films with this vast database, constantly updated, which contains details of over 130,000 films and over 200,000 filmography entries.
  • The Motion Picture Database
    Built from Cinebook's annual film reference volumes and Ephraim Katz's extensive Film Encyclopedia, this database also sits within a commercial entertainment site, and provides reviews, credits and details of over 35,000 films plus filmographies for over 500,000 actors, directors, writers and others.
  • Cinemachine
    A search engine for locating online film reviews.
  • The European Cinema Online Database
    A basic database, contained within the European Union-funded Media Salles site, containing details of recent European films and their respective production, distribution and export companies, with technical and artistic credits and commercial performance figures.
Theatre Studies Resources
  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library - Theatre and Drama
    This site, maintained by Barry Russell at Oxford Brookes University, is a tremendously authoritative gateway to a vast range of quality theatre and drama resources on the web.
  • The Playwriting Seminars
    A 176 page Web textbook produced by the playwright Richard Toscan (Portland State University) which discusses a number of primary areas in the art of playwriting (including screenwriting). Covers content, format, structure, and related practical issues.

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