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Further Resources

Professor James O'Donnell is most often mentioned in connection with using the Web as a teaching resource. His particular subject area is Late Antiquity. His enthusiasm for this means of teaching and the format he employs could be applicable to a number of courses

  • The Worlds of Late Antiquity
    This page contains links to most of Jim O'Donnell's course materials. There are, however, a number of large graphics on this page- be warned! His enthusiasm for the World Wide Web is outlined in his short essay, New Tools for Teaching
  • Vergil's "Aeneid"
    Following in the virtual footsteps of Jim O'Donnell is Joseph Farrell (also at University of Pennsylvania) who has put together on-line materials for a course on Vergil's Aeneid (Fall 1995). Like the Augustine course participants in the course range from students at Pennsylvania to interested students of all ages and backgrounds on the Internet. Associated with this course is the The Vergil Project to assemble texts, commentaries and images relevant to Vergilian studies.
  • Ancient History at the University of Oregon
    Online courseware for Jon Nicols' Ancient History course includes an extensive Historical and Cultural Atlas, which contains excellent study resources, primarily a collection of maps and images illustrating Greek and Roman history and interactive resources (some require a Shockwave plug-in).
  • The Perseus Project Home Page
    The Perseus Project produces the Hypercard stack, Perseus and Perseus 2.0 which are widely used for undergraduate teaching in classics. The World Wide Web site, an excellent resource, has a large corpus of translations of classical texts which may be searched online or downloaded. Browsers may be configured to display Greek which allows the searching and display of Greek through the World Wide Web including a Greek-English lexicon. The other substantial content provided by Perseus is an electronic library of art objects, sites, and buildings, each of which has a description of the object and its context, as well as images. The catalogs currently contain coins, vases, sculptures, sites, and buildings.
  • Women in Antiquity: Greece
    This is a site which is associated with a course taught by John Gibert at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Included are the usual course overviews as well as online access to required reading; however it also includes a selection of PowerPoint presentations (with the opportunity to download a copy of the PowerPoint viewer) which John Gibert used during the course.
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    This is an exhibition of WWW Sites pertaining to ancient world cultures with Introductory Comments by Bill Hemminger (University of Evansville). This series of pages is well laid out with each section comprising a mini-essay with appropriate hypertext links. There are sections on the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, The Roman Empire, Early Islam, and Medieval Europe.
  • Teaching Materials for Latin
    Claude Pavur (Saint Louis University) has constructed a useful site of resources for the teaching of Latin. Substantial 'Introduction to Latin' and 'Acceleration Reader' materials are available for free educational use in HTML and downloadable Portable document format (Pdf). A Pedagogica section offers suggestions for aiding the acquisition and comprehension of latin.
  • A whole range of resources for classics and archeaology has been compiled by Sebastian Heath at the University of Michigan.

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