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Further Resources

The following examples are often referenced as good examples of how the World Wide Web is used to supplement traditional means of teaching literature and literary studies

  • Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature project (Oxford) is examining the teaching of literary studies by producing online tutorials for World War One poetry. Four tutorials are available: An Introduction to WWI Poetry , Isaac Rosenberg's Break of Day in the Trenches, An Introduction to Manuscript Study , and An Introduction to Text Analysis. The seminars are accompanied by lecturer's notes.
  • The Victorian Web
    Created and maintained by Professor George Landow at Brown University. This site contains a wealth of hypertextual information on the Victorian age including literature, art, religion, science, and social context, with sections written by Landow and other scholars.
  • Electronic Class Materials in the faculty of English at Emory University.
    Materials relating to poetry (including World War One poets), Shakespeare, the Emory Women Writers Resource Project, and Victorian culture.
  • Web Interactive Concordances
    This site won the Innovative Teaching Award 1997 for its Web Concordances and Workbooks. Currently available are Selected Poems by P.B. Shelley, Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake, The Odes of 1819 by Keats, and Coleridge's The Ancyent Marinere. The word lists are linked to frequency indices and to the full text. It is essential to have a frames-compliant browser (Netscape 2.0, MS-Internet Explorer 3.0, etc) in order to use this site.
  • TACTWeb 1.0 Workbook
    An interactive tutorial aimed at an undergraduate audience which provides descriptions of the use of text analysis tools, backed up with interactive examples based upon TACTWeb 1.0, an implementation of TACT 2.1 on the World Wide Web by John Bradley and Geoffrey Rockwell. At present the only text which can be queried at this site is Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The search form includes output as KWIC, frequency distribution, and variable context.
  • English/History course materials at NEWI (North East Wales Institute of Higher Education)
    Put together by Dr Richard Dover, these pages contain texts and background information for the study of literary figures such as A. E. Housman, William Wordsworth, John Keats, and William Blake. There are also lecture notes on the Novel and popular fiction. Richard Dover is also responsible for LITWEB, an Internet noticeboard for English, Media, and Cultural Studies.
  • Poetica
    Programme for Orientation, Education and Telematics Implementation in Critical Analysis. Based at the University of Sunderland and constructed by Charlie Mansfield, Poetica is designed to integrate electronic digital course material into the teaching and learning of poetry and stylistic analysis of poetry.
  • Narrative Matters
    A course on narrative theory by Professor Martin Irvine at the University of Georgetown.
  • Digital Cultures
    Sean Cubitt (Liverpool John Moores University) has made the resources of the Internet the basis for much of his 'Digital Cultures' course. This site contains a wealth of annotated links to illustrative materials, as well as a lively archive of students' own contributions (essays, commentary).
  • Hw*t! Old English in Context
    Learning Old English by reading and hearing
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare
    This is a hypertext presentation of Shakespeare created by Jeremy Hylton at MIT based on The Moby Edition. At present the plays have a minimal glossary though this may be expanded in future. The texts may also be searched. Michael Best (University of Victoria) has commenced work on a project to provide Scholarly Editions of Shakespeare for the Internet. The site currently contains the project guidelines and sample pages from the First Folio, Quarto (1&2), and Modern editions of Romeo and Juliet.
  • On-Line Writing Laboratory
    We occasionally receive requests for software or resources which will help students to improve their writing skills. Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab contains materials and exercises for improving writing skills as well as links to further resources.
  • Further resources for literary studies from the excellent Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Pages (mirrored at Oxford) and the Humbul Gateway.

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