The minimum waiting time between gradings is based on a minimum of 2 training sessions per week. Students only attending 1 class per week should double their minimum waiting time.

It is a UKTA requirement for all students to attend an area Master’s seminar every six months. There are noramally 4 such seminars arranged each year.

Your blue UKTA membership book must be brought to all seminars & gradings in order that the conducting Master or Instructor may sign as necessary.

Syllabus & Minimum Waiting Time Between Gradings

Click on your current belt level to see the terminology and techniques needed for your next grading:

10th Kup 10th Kup - 1 Month
9th Kup 9th Kup - 1 Month
8th Kup 8th Kup - 2 Months
7th Kup 7th Kup - 2 Months
6th Kup 6th Kup - 3 Months
5th Kup 5th Kup - 3 Months
4th Kup 4th Kup - 4 Months
3rd Kup 3rd Kup - 4 Months
2nd Kup 2nd Kup - 5 Months
1st Kup 1st Kup - 6 Months
1st Dan 1st Dan - 18 Months
2nd Dan 2nd Dan - 2 Years
3rd Dan 3rd Dan - 3 Years
4th Dan 4th Dan - 4 Years
5th Dan 5th Dan - 5 Years
6th Dan 6th Dan - 6 Years
7th Dan 7th Dan - 7 Years
8th Dan 8th Dan - 8 Years
9th Dan 9th Dan - Highest Rank

Note: Waiting times given are for above average students, and do not necessarily apply for all students.