Rules & Etiquette

The practice of Tae Kwon Do is a dangerous art, which can lend easily to violence if not balanced by the appropriate mental conditioning. By adhering to the traditional etiquette of TaeKwon-Do, we learn the respect, humility, and self-control needed to utilise our skills for honourable purposes. Just as with our physical skills, these mental skills can only be mastered by practicing them consistently.


1. Make sure you remove all jewellery and watches before class. 2. Make sure your uniform is cleaned and ironed each time, prior to training. Creases should be ironed down the arms and legs on either side. 3. Long hair is best tied back for practicality and neatness. 4. Never wear footwear in class.

The Dojang

1. When entering or leaving the dojang, bow. 2. When you see your instructor bow at a proper distance. 3. When shaking hands, the other hand is always shown, by resting it under your opposite elbow. In Korean culture this shows that you have come in peace and that you are not hiding weapons behind your back. 4. Always shake hands before and after training with a partner. 5. When giving or receiving anything, always use two hands. 6. Do not eat, smoke or drink in the dojang. 7. Always bow and turn to the right if you need to adjust your belt or suit. 8. Always bow to the instructor and thank them for their training at the end of each class. 9. Never laze around the dojang. (in Korean and tkd culture the sole of the feet should not be shown, therefore kneeling or sitting cross legged is the acceptable way to sit in class.) 10. Always set a good example to others. 11. Be on time. If for some reason you have been delayed, it is necessary to apologise and seek permission to join the class.


1. Let the President or the Secretary know in advance if you will be late or absent at training due to work or class. 2. Always set a good example to lower ranking students. it is only natural that they will attempt to emulate their seniors. 3. Always arrive before training is due to start and ensure that you have a good attendance record.