Summer School:

A map through the land of dragons

Syntax, Truth, and Paradox 

17-21 June 2024



This is the web page with the teaching materials only. In particular, you'll find my slides here. for all other information on the summer school, please go to the webpage of the summer school.

In the slides I have collected mainly the very formal parts, because it is convenient to have them at hand.

Volker's slides

Prelude: The paradoxes in philosophy
Day 1: A theory of expressions
Day 2: The paradoxes
Day 3: Possible-worlds analysis of the paradoxes
Day 4: Truth!

We may deviate from this plan, depending on the preferences of the audience and what we can actually cover.

Large parts of the material are based on the book The Road to Paradox A Guide to Syntax, Truth and Modality. All necessary materials will be provided, but the book contains more detailed explanations and proofs, in addition to the coverage of further topics.

Lorenzo's slides are here.