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Living and doing science in Oxford

- Oxford University is ranked in the top 10 of world universities (1, 2).

someone in an Oxford scanner, thinking great thoughts

- A beautiful place to live

May day around Radcliffe Camera                                       Lab summer sushi and punting party                   Our cherry blossom party

- People working in Oxford have made many key discoveries in biology, from Robert Hooke coining the term "cell" to Paul Nurse's work on the cell cycle. Also the production of penicillin, Henry Harris discovering tumour suppressors, Hans Krebs on metabolic cycles, Dorothy Hodgkin on X-ray crystallography, Rodney Porter on antibody structure, John Gurdon on stem cells and cloning.

Krebs on his cycle                                             

- No commuting problems: reach everywhere by bicycle.

- Lots of international students: half of those in graduate study here are international students, representing about 130 different countries.

Chinese society meeting at Christ Church College     Indians win Oxford cricket mini-World Cup

- Easy to get to London: 90 minutes to central London on the coach service.

- PhDs fast compared to the US and some other European countries- typically 3 years, sometimes 4 years.                


- Graduate students have two groups of friends: in the department and in their college.


Oxford University Societies; Student newspapers- Cherwell and OxfordStudent; Oxford Virtual Tour.

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