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Intermediate Coaching

The intermediate range covers players who are roughly in the region from handicap 4 to 14. Ian Plummer is happy to give tailored sessions to individuals or groups of members. Please contact him to arrange a session.

The notes below are taken from the Intermediate Coaching Sessions that Robin Brown kindly gave to an assortment of OUACC member.

Session 1
  • Reinforcing and replacing poor pioneers
  • Setting pioneers more accurately
  • 4 ball break pioneer positions
  • 3 ball break pioneer positions
Session 2
  • Bringing balls in from boundaries
  • The Old Standard Leave
  • Setting 2-b Pioneer Early
  • The Diagonal Spread
  • The New Standard Leave
Session 3
  • Rushes
  • Croquet Strokes
  • Peeling
  • The Rover Peel
  • The Straight Double
  • Hoop and Roquet
Session 4
  • The Standard Penult Peel, Non-Triple
  • The Standard Penult Peel, During A Triple
  • Three Ball Leaves At 4-B and 3-B
Session 5
  • Broken Play
  • Following The Standard Opening
  • Defensive Rolling
  • Leaves From Broken Play
  • The Golden Rule
  • Shots If You Don't Have The Innings
Session 6
  • Further Non-Lift Leaves
  • Non-Standard Peels
  • The Delayed Double
  • The Delayed Triple
  • The Premature Rover Peel

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