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Croquet Cuppers 2021!

Croquet cuppers 2021 is going ahead! However there are some changes this year due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. Though the event is much smaller this is the only way we could ensure that we would definitely have cuppers go ahead.

The competition will still be a knockout competition held throughout Trinity term. Once again the Croquet Association have agreed to sponsor the event and there will be prizes for the winners and the runners up.

All matches will be played on OUACCs lawns in university parks this year and OUACC equipment will be used, though colleges should still bring their own mallets with them if they can. To accommodate this we can only have 32 teams enter, so we are limiting colleges to entering only one team. One team captain will enter and they will be in charge of organising 4 players from their college to attend each. However, they are not limited to 4 players who can play for their team college team throughout the competition; any eligible member of their college can play, with the team changing somewhat between games.

To give people a chance to sort out their Cuppers Captain, entry will open at 12.00 (midday) on Saturday 24th April and then close again at 23.59 on Saturday 24th April. Please liaise with your college croquet captain about being your colleges cuppers team captain, if your college does not have a croquet captain and you would like to fill this role please email me, harry.anderton@exeter.ox.ac.uk. Please note, there is not enough places in the competition for all colleges to enter a team. Teams will be allocated to the first 32 teams from different colleges which apply when entry opens. I will just choose the first 32 entries from different colleges that come in.

Instead of match times being organised between the two teams, they will be at set times. These will be tied to the draw, so that captains will be able to see when their next potential match will be played and can organise players accordingly. There will be four games a week at set times that are currently to be decided. These will be published when they are organised. This will be before 0th week of trinity term (Sunday 18th April).

Playing croquet is a great way to spend your summer in Oxford, whether you just want to relax and hit some balls about in the sun or you're aiming for a Half Blue. Most colleges will have kit and a lawn, so you just need to bring some enthusiasm...and perhaps a little Pimm's! Though this year's cuppers is not the usual large scale event, but it does give you the chance to get your best players together to represent your college and play against the best from other colleges

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The competition will be run predominantly through email, as in previous years, with both results and details of each round's matches relayed through the draw website.

As Cuppers is such a huge competition, we run it to a very tight schedule. Deadlines will be strictly enforced, although reasonable requests for extensions will be granted at the discretion of the Cuppers Director. Please send results of your matches using the "Cuppers Results Submission" link above.

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