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Croquet Byelaws

  1. The lawns are open for play from Sunday of 0th week Trinity term until 30th September.

  2. Play is subject to advertised Club events, and the condition of the lawns.

  3. All players shall wear flat-soled footwear. Shoes with heels are NOT permitted.

  4. All players shall carry their membership cards with them when using the lawns and shall produce them on demand to the Club Officers, the ground staff, and the Parks Police.

  5. Guests. No guests may play during Full Term without the express consent of the Committee. Members have the right to bring guests occasionally out of term, but not more than three at a time. No-one who is eligible for membership and is staying in Oxford for more than a fortnight shall be brought as a guest. Guests will be charged for at a fee fixed by the Committee (currently £0).

  6. Members may obtain from the OUACC Secretary, in return for a deposit (£5), a key to the equipment hut where mallets may be left a the owner's risk. Club mallets are also available for the use of all members. Keys should be returned to the OUACC Secretary when membership ceases.

  7. All balls, Club mallets, hoops, clips, chairs, and other Club equipment shall be returned to the hut after play.

  8. Any damage to the hut or to Club property shall be reported promptly to an officer of the Club.

  9. Players are responsible for ensuring that the door and window of the hut are SECURELY fastened at the close of play.

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