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Varsity Team Photos

Photographs of several recent Varsity teams can be found below. Where both teams can be identified, those names given in bold are Oxford team members. Any additions to the archive will be most welcome; please contact croquet.club@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk with any details or offers of photographs.


2024 Oxford Varsity Team

Sam Reynolds, Charlie Sharpe, Oli Brewster, Colin Mullins, Josh Jackson, Greg Simond.


2023 Oxford Varsity Team

Dan Millard, Greg Simond, Tom Mewes (Captain), Charlie Sharpe, Gus Smith, Tom Cairns.


2022 Oxford Varsity Team

Josh Taylor, Harry Forsyth, Teddy Wilmot-Sitwell (Captain), Tom Mewes, Chris Summers, Greg Simond. Photo: Simon Yun-Farmbrough


2021 Oxford Varsity Team.  Photo courtesy Simon Yun-Farmbrough

Nicholas Orr, Joshua Cowls, Joshua Thomas, Mark Baker (Captain), Osian Williams, Harry Anderton


Cancelled due to Covid restrictions.


2019 Varsity Team

Tom Harmer, Mark Baker (Captain), Dan McKavanagh, Ollie Gardner, Mark van Loon, Harry Anderton


2018 Varsity Team

Thomas Peak, William Nathan, Kirandeep Saini, Mark van Loon (Captain), Joshua Bull, John-Francis Martin


2017 Varsity Team

Alex Bishop, William Nathan, Jordan Waters (Captain), Mo KaramiNejadRanjbar, Jasper Theodor Kauth, Joshua Bull


2016 Varsity Team

Alex Bishop, Harry Williams, Jordan Waters, Leif Bersweden, James Scoon, Mark van Loon (Captain)


2015 Varsity Team

Richard Sykes, Alex Bishop, Jordan Waters, Mark van Loon (Captain), Ian Plummer (Referee), Martin Lester, Theo Silkstone-Carter, Daniel Gott


2014 Team

(L to R) Martin Lester, Fred Woodcock, James Flannery, Harry Fisher, Richard Hilditch (referee), Rajiv Gogna, Jordan Waters


2013 Teams

(L to R) Jordan Waters (ox), Martin Lester (ox), Peter Willeit (camb), Jamie Townsend (ox), Peter Ford (camb), Will Gee (ox), Cesar Miranda (camb), Jamie Morrison (ox), Richard Hilditch (referee), Richard Sykes (ox), Joel Taylor (ox), Renad Mansour (camb), Douglas Buisson (camb), Harry Fisher (ox), Tom Eccles (camb).


2012 Team

(L to R) Ben Mason, James Keiller, Luke Valori, John Gale, Simon Picot, Richard Sykes. (Will Gee was unavailable for the photograph)


2011 Team

(L to R)Nigel Urban, Matt Smith, Simon Picot, John Gale, William Gee, Harry Fisher, Jonathan Lindsell, Luke Valori.


20011 Team

(L to R)Luke Valori, Jonathan Lindsell, James Ramsay, Will Alderton, Tom Whiteley, Yuri Gulla, Alex Evans, Ben Mason, Andrew Donner.


2009 Oxford Team

Oxford team (top) Matthew Smith, Oliver Cohen, Mark Baker, Harry Fisher, Robert Wilkinson, Yuri Gulla.

2009 Cambridge Team

Cambridge team (bottom) Nick Jenkins, Elly Betton, Joel Taylor, William Eucker, Richard Fellows, Tom Davenport.





2005 Varsity Team.  Picture courtesy of Michael Solomon

Team: Chris Hansen, Mark Snow, Roger Cotes, Andrew Cottrell, Michael Solomon, Jonathan Kirby, Anton Evseev, Sam Mooring, (not in picture order; The 7 Oxford players are wearing team shirts, and there are 4 Cambridge players in the photo as well (1 at left, 1 center wearing a vest, and 2 at right).


2004 Team

(L to R) B Wylie, Chris Rome, Alex Mair , Asif Arshad (Capt.), W Hill, Paul Elliston, Jonathan Kirby, David Follows(Capt.), Mark Snow, Mark Gooding, Sam Mooring, Alex Gray, Anton Evseev, Chris Hansen, John Hope.


2002 Team

Back Row: Mark Snow, Simon Procter, Mark Gooding, Paul Kirby, Ben Elwell, Rob Bates
Front Row: Jonathan Willson, Guy Towlson, Stuart Romeril (Capt.),Jonathan Fuller (Capt.), Aaron Burchell
Absent: Sam Tudor


2001 Team

Back Row: Jonathan Jordan, Simon Procter, Mark Gooding, Aaron Burchell, William Windham, Paul Kirby, Ben Elwell
Front Row: Jonathan Willson, John Taylor, Stuart Romeril (Capt.), Richard Hilditch (Ref.), Aaron Westerby (Capt.), Jonathan Kirby
Absent: Guy Towlson, Jonathan Fuller


2000 Team

Guy Towlson, Jenny Williams, John Taylor, Gabrielle Higgins, Oliver Homer, Nic Farhi (kneeling)


1999 Team

Nicholas Farhi, Alan Denton, Jenny Williams, John Taylor, Gabrielle Higgins, Guy Towlson, Rupert Parson


1997 Team

Rupert Parson, Gabrielle Higgins, Russell Manning, Ian Plummer, Nick Stebbing, Doug Burns, Jonathan Repp.


1996 Team

x, Jonathan Repp, x, Phil Rees, x, x, Nick Stebbing, David Harrision-Wood (referee), Russell Manning, Iain Fratter, Samir Patel, Douglas Burns, Rupert Parson, David Burns


1994 Team

Back Row: Dominic Wreford, Christopher Farthing, Timothy Prosser. 
Front Row: Michael Porter, Philip Camp, David Burns


1993 Team

Phil Rees, Dominic Wreford, David Burns, Simon Rea, Christopher Patmore, Christopher Farthing, Richard Hilditch (referee)


1992 Team

From left: Philip Rees, Christopher Patmore, Christopher Farthing, Michael Porter, Timothy Prosser


1991 Team

Crouching: Tony Whyte, Kevin Cooper, Steve Gardner, Andrew Byford, Andrew Grimbaldeston, Mark?


1990 Team

Back Row: Nigel Williams, Tony Whyte, Michael Aniley-Walker, Tim Marr, Robin Brown. 
Front Row: Nigel Turner, Paul Harbourd


1983 Team

Back Row: Ian Plummer, Jon Watson, Adam Berry,  Alan Harper
Front Row: John Black, Robert Andrews


1978 Team

Back Row: Ian Bond, Phil Boddington, Graeme Roberts
Front Row: Colin Dinwoodie, Sue Foden, Bryan Sykes

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