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The Varsity Match 1962-1965 & 1967

Chris Williams has kindly provided the following results for us. The '62-'65 results were found in the CA Gazette. The '67 result was found in The Times archives.

1961 (Hurlingham 11 May)

Cambridge 5 Oxford 2
(Cambridge names first)
AA Reed beat JE Andrews +23
DR Watson beat RB Nelson +13
EAL Sulley lost to PJ Fidler -1T
J MacLachlan lost to RHM Hargreaves -6T
Reed& APR Clive beat Andrews & PW Fry +5T
Watson & MacLachlan beat Nelson & Hargreaves +5
Sulley & CJE Dashwood beat Fisher & RS Green +5T

1962 (23rd May, Hurlingham)

Cambridge 5 Oxford 4
AA Reed beat PJ Fidler +19
CJE Dashwood beat RB Nelson +10
DR Watson lost to RS Green -1T
DW Miller beat CG Miller +4T
EAL Sulley beat RW Farrington +14
J Laurenson lost to RHM Hargreave -2
Reed&Miller lost to Nelson&Green -3T
Watson&Sulley lost to Fidler&Hargreave -3T
Dashwood&Laurenson beat Miller&Farrington +10T


Cambridge 7 Oxford 2
Chris Dashwood lost to Peter Fidler -23
David Miller (C) beat Richard Nelson +15
Rupert Thorp beat Chris Miller +20
James Laurenson beat Nigel Campbell +12
Martin Murray beat Charles Townshend +23
Pater Hallett lost to Bill Robinson -4
Dashwood&Laurenson beat Fidler & Nelson +23
Thorp&Murray beat Miller& Townshend +15
Miller & Hallett beat Campbell& Martin Smith +16

1964 (25th June, Hurlingham)

Cambridge 9 Oxford 0
RF Thorp beat CG Miller +22
JT Laurenson beat RGS Shewan +13
DW Miller beat KA Ross +14
PD Hallett beat PW Robinson +15
AN Mozley beat CH Townshend +9
IE Banks beat NG Campbell +19
Thorp&Laurenson beat Shewan&Ross +8
Hallett&Mozley beat Miller&Townshend +13
Miller&Banks beat Robinson&Campbell +18

1965 (22nd June, Hurlingham)

Cambridge 6 Oxford 0
KF Wylie beat RGS Shewan +14
PD Hallett beat KA Ross +9
IE Banks beat CG Miller +19
AN Mozley v DW Bateson unf
CH O'D. Alexander v JF Whitmore unf
GNM Martin v M Yates unf
Wylie&Hallett beat Shewan&Miller +8
Mozley&Banks beat Ross&Bateson +6
Alexander&Martin beat Whitmore&Yates +1T

1967 (21st June, Hurlingham)

Cambridge 7 Oxford 2
KF Wylie lost to RGS Shewan -9
CG Hopewell lost to KA Ross -13
MEW Heap beat JS Chandler +19
RDC Prichard beat DW Bateson +16
JB Hearnshaw beat NA Jelley +17
CHO'D Alexander beat JF Whitmore +18
KF Wylie beat RGS Shewan +14
PD Hallett beat KA Ross +9
IE Banks beat CG Miller +19

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