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Varsity Match Arrangements

The Varsity Match consists of 6 level-advanced singles and 3 level-advanced doubles between recognised students of Oxford and Cambridge universities. The full eligibility criteria for the Varsity Match are those laid down by the Joint Blues Committee, and detailed on the Sports Federation Website.

Substitutions are permitted between games, hence different people may play in the doubles and in the singles. The matches are to be ranked in approximate handicap order. Unofficial handicaps to be used where necessary. Teams may, by prior agreement, include 'ineligible players' whose games are not ranked and count as a victory to the opposition.

Traditionally the arrangement of, and payment for, the Varsity match alternates between the universities. However, for the past couple of decades or so arrangements for the match have been handled by Oxford.

Singles are played in the morning and doubles in the afternoon. This however is dictated currently by lawn availability and need not be continued if circumstances change.

To allow the start of the afternoon matches to be synchronised, an end time should be imposed on morning play. This is unnecessary for afternoon play.

The next Varsity match is due to be played on Thursday 14 June 2018.

Current standing arrangements

Morning Start Time
Afternoon Start Time
Time Limits
The Hurlingham Club
10:30 a.m.
2-2:15 p.m.
Morning 3 hrs, afternoon no time limits.

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