Oxford City Race 2018 CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to permissions issues and ongoing uncertainty about which parts of the area would have been useable on the day the organiser and controller have taken the decision to cancel this year's Oxford City Race. Apologies to everyone who had been planning on attending. Unfortunately rescheduling this year's race is not realistic, but hopefully the next city race will be held before the usual date of October 2020...

Oxford City Race 2016

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Please contact the organiser with any results enquiries.

Organisers comments
Whilst most of the world has spent the last month worrying about the US elections, I have been significantly more concerned about ensuring that yesterday's race went smoothly. I'll leave it to you to decide which of the two had a more successful outcome. This event wouldn't be possible without the support of the colleges who kindly granted us access - Magdalen, St Anne's, Wadham and New along with the University Parks and University Security Services. Thank you also to everyone who ran for avoiding any alteractions with cars, bicycles and tourists (or at least none that I've heard of).

Not everything went smoothly, but despite my best efforts we managed to avoid any disasters. If you used loose control descriptions then you should be grateful to BML print for sending them at the last minute after I originally forgot to order them. I have heard some reports (but no official complaints) of competitors spotted crossing uncrossable features. Notably the OOB pitches to the east of the map (controls 159 and 162) and various flowerbeds in St Anne's (northenmost college, controls 157, 198, 191, 149). If on reflection you realise that you went OOB at some point, please let me know. I am aware of some impossibly fast split times, but would prefer it if people realised their mistakes than for me to have to chase people up.

The map has now evolved significantly since Ian Webb's excellent original survey. It can be difficult when producing the map to represent the intricate colleges both accurately and legibly, and I would love to heard any feedback - particularly regarding areas where the cartography can be improved for future races. The raised walkway in the engineering department should have been described on the map legend, and I apologise to anyone who was disadvantanged by this oversight.

The next Oxford City race is very provisionally scheduled for Saturday 27th October 2018. I hope to see you there.
- Jamie Parkinson, 20/11/2016

Oxford City Race 2015

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Oxford City Race 2012
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Oxford City Race 2009
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Oxford City Race 2007
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Oxford City Race 2006
Final results from the 2006 City Race, held on Saturday 4th November, are available by class or as a PDF,
along with split times.
The Planner's and Controller's Comments are also available.

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