Teaching Notes

Core Macroeconomics:

Core Macroeconomics Notes



Week 1 Tutorial : Preferences and Individual Demand Curves

Week 2 Tutorial: Market Demand Curves

Week 3 Tutorial: Demand Theory and Welfare Analysis

Week 4 Tutorial: Linear Demand and Supply Curves

Week 5 Tutorial: Production Theory

Week 6 Tutorial: Monopoly

Week 7 Tutorial: 3rd Degree Price Discrimination Notes

Week 7 Tutorial: 3rd Degree Price Discrimination Diagrams

Week 7 Tutorial: Game Theory and Industrial Organisation

Week 7 Tutorial: Perfect Competition and Monopoly

Week 8 Tutorial: Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation

Week 1 Hilary: Externalities and Public Goods

Week 2 Hilary: General Equilibrium Theory

Alternative Set of Questions


National income accounting and determination

Consumption and Ricardian equivalence

Saving and Investment

AD-AS model in a closed economy with sticky wages

Aggregate demand in the open economy

AD-AS model in an open economy with worker price misperception

Monetary policy

Trade liberalization

Macroeconomics Textbook:

Macro Questions


Public Economics:


Social Security

Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Insurance Markets

Diamond Model

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