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Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

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Malagasy Language and Linguistics

Syntax and Semantics:

Case - Case assignment in simple Malagasy sentences

Control - Subject & Object Control structures, Word Order & Incorporation


generalities - Passive in ina vs passive in ana; a- prefix passive

passive testfiles - The distribution of Malagasy passive affixes

Verbs of saying - Some properties of verbs of saying

Pronouns - Different types of pronouns & their distribution

Prepositions - PP-argument, PP-adjunct & Incorporation

Coordination - Adjunction & Coordination

Grammatical Functions - Grammatical Functions, Roots & Stems

Nominals - Nouns, Stative & Action Nominals and Roots & Stems

ADJADV - Adjectives & Adverbs in Malagasy

Note: As Malagasy presents phonemic stress, it is crucial to view documents under Unicode UTF-8.