• Course jointly run by Oxford Mathematics for year 12 students from state-funded schools interested in studying mathematics at university. I mentored 10 students over 3 days by aiding them work through a variety of problems, as well as marking 3 problem sheets.

Access Abroad Hong Kong

Access Abroad Hong Kong is a non-profit, student-run organization striving to widen access to Oxford, Cambridge, and other top UK universities for less-privileged local students from Hong Kong.

I have conducted lectures / made problem sheets for summer mini-courses targeted at prospective mathematics students.

  • Calculus of Kinematics and Waves

    Virtual 2023
    [recording] [slides] [problem sheet] A lot of the formulae given to students in HKDSE / high school physics need not to be learnt by rote. We would use elementary calculus to derive elementary results and formulae in kinematics and waves e.g. suvat equations, conservation of energy and uniform circular motion

  • On Proofs

    Virtual 2022
    [recording] [slides] [problem sheet] As most secondary school students lack training in mathematical logic necessary for university mathematics, the course cover elementary concepts such as zeroth-order logic and proof methods e.g. propositional logic, proof by contrapositive and proof by contradiction