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Catalogues of libraries worldwide

OCLC FirstSearch (Online Computer Library Centre)
OCLC combines the catalogues of hundreds of libraries from around the world, offering access to general and specialist searchable databases of published material. This is a subscription service, and may be available through your institution's library.

Eureka - Research Libraries Group online
An online service to which institutions may subscribe. A user-name and password is needed. Eureka contains information gleaned from library catalogues from 25 countries. The collection is searchable, though only using a maximum of two words. Search results can be exported in a variety of formats, including as ProCite and EndNote files. Free limited access is available through the URL below.

Available catalogues are:

  • RLIN Bibliographic File - major union catalogue of library collections from 25 countries. It contains citations for books and serials to archives, manuscripts, maps, music scores, sound recordings, films, photographs, posters, computer files, and more. Records include names of contributing libraries as well as local call numbers for easy access. Over 365 languages are represented.

Specialist catalogues:

  • Hand Press Book (hand-press period, c. 1455-1830)
  • English Short Title Catalogue (all printed pieces from England and its dependencies from the first hand press to the end of the 18th century)
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLA)
  • Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAP)
  • Chicano Database (CDB)
  • Bibliography of the History of Art (indices and abstracts art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealer's catalogues, and articles from more than 2,500 periodicals)
  • Index to Nineteenth-Century American Art Periodicals (AAI)
  • SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogues (SCI - late 16th century to the present)
  • Anthropological Literature (ANL - anthropology, archaeology and related disciplines. Publications from the late 19th century to the current day).
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (AVE - American focus)
  • History of Science and Technology (HST)
  • Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies (RAS)
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (FLP - all aspects of Law in countries other than the USA, Britain, British Commonwealth)
  • World Law Index Part 1: Index to Hispanic Legislation (WLI - no longer being updated)
  • Inside Information Plus (IIN, based on the British Libraries Document Supply Centre catalogues)

Catalogues of British libraries | Specialist catalogues | Electronic journals
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