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Specialist catalogues

Some of the bibliography databases described in earlier sections provide specialist catalogues, such as periodicals publications, arts and humanities discipline areas and grey literature. The catalogues listed below all divide their resources by discipline area or type of publication. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, merely illustrative of the range of material that is available.

Web of Science (formerly BIDS)
WOS is a subscription service, and users need a username and password. It offers access to a large collection of quality bibliography catalogues. Those most relevant to the Humanities and Arts are listed below:

  • ISI Citation Indices:
    Arts and Humanities Index (cites articles, letters, editorials, notes, meeting abstracts, discussions, music scores, poems, reviews of literature, performances and recordings, taken from over 1,300 journals published around the world)
    Social Sciences Citation Index (cites articles from over 1,400 journals in the behavioural and social sciences, and selected articles from over 3,100 physical and natural sciences journals. The most recent citations include abstracts)
  • IBSS International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (focusing on economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, citing articles, reports, papers, discussions, editorials, notes, reviews and other items from over 2,300 regularly covered journals, 1,000 less regularly covered journals and 6000 books per year).
  • IngentaJournals (online access to the full text of articles of journals to which one's institutional library already subscribes).

Complex searches allow one to retrieve citations combining author name and subject keywords, for a particular range of years, asking for specific document types (articles, reviews) and in specific languages. The first 400 citations are returned (and if the search finds more references, one should refine the query to get a smaller set returned). BIDS supports the use of wildcards to replace unknown characters, and Boolean operators (+, &, , (or) - (not)). Search results give brief and expanded citations. These can be marked (up to 200 references) and at the end of the BIDS session one can have these references sent to one's email account, or directly into one's personal bibliography package. Search results can be saved and consulted again in a later BIDS session.

Unpublished material
Access to some 'grey literature' is available through the British Library (SIGLE catalogue). Other useful collections are:

Index to Theses online
A catalogue of all theses (with abstracts) accepted for higher degrees (Masters and Doctorates) at British and Irish universities, from 1970 to 1999. Abstracts are only available for doctoral theses.

Dissertation Abstracts International
(available on CD-ROM from University Microfilms International).
Listing of Masters and Doctoral dissertations completed from 1861 onwards. Abstracts are available for all theses accepted from 1980, and citations for those accepted from 1861. Coverage is global.

Archaeology and Anthropology
Anthropological Literature on disc
CD-ROM available from GK Hall & Co, New York
An index to periodicals, journals and edited works on archaeology, anthropology and linguistics, and lesser coverage for sociology, history, ethnohistory, demorgaphy, geography, international development and human genetics. It includes articles published in English, Germanic, Romance, Scandinavian and Slavic languages.

Anthropology Review Database
The Anthropology Review Database is a freely accessible collection of reviews of publications and resources in anthropology and archaeology. It contains thousands of entries, covering articles written on all time periods and geographic areas. The ARD is searchable (and supports Boolean operators), and regularly updated.

British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography
Free online access via the Archaeology Data Service's catalogue of digital resources. The BIAB is housed under 'Special Collections'. It contains full citations and abstracts for all articles, books, conference proceedings and reports on archaeology published in Britain and Ireland. The electronic version provides free access to all pre-1992 editions of the BIAB. The collection is searchable by keyword and phrase (boolean operators are not supported).

NESTOR - international bibliography of Aegean prehistory and related areas
Free online access to editions of Nestor published between 1957 and 1997. The collection is searchable by author, title, journal name and year (but not by subject or keyword).

TOCS-IN - tables of contents of journals of interest to classicist
Freely available, searchable collection of article titles. It currently includes over 170 journals, listing all articles published since 1992. Only basic searching (using Boolean operators) is available.

Database of Classical Bibliography
The DCB contains information about publications of all kinds dealing with Graeco-Roman antiquity. It is largely drawn from l'Annee Philologique (volumes 45-60, published 1974-1989). It covers articles written on the mediterranean world of the 2nd millenium BC to c. 800 AD.

America: History and Life
CD-ROM available from ABC-CLIO Inc, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Citations and abstracts of articles covering North American prehistory and history, drawn from 2,400 journals published world-wide (it does not include books). It also includes relevant sections from Dissertation Abstracts International, and reviews of films and videos covering aspects of North America's past.

Historical Abstracts
CD- ROM available from ABC-CLIO Inc, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Citations and abstracts of articles and book reviews covering all aspects of world history from 1400 onwards, except for North America. It covers works published from 1981 onwards, in several languages.

International Medieval Bibliography
CD-ROM available from Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium
The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) cites articles published since 1968 on all aspects of medieval studies within the range c. 450 to 1500 AD, covering Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. Citations cover articles, review articles, scholarly notes, etc., from several thousand periodicals and miscellanies (festschriften, conference proceedings, collected essays), but not monographs or short reviews.

Royal Historical Society Bibliography
CD-ROM available from Oxford University Press
This combines the bibliographies of the Royal Historical Society and the Institute of Historical Research along with additional material, for comprehensive coverage of material published between 1901 and 1992, and selections of earlier publications.

History of Art
International Repertory of the Literature of Art (RILA)

Freely available online through the Getty Information Institute. Online searchable catalogue of all 15 volumes of the RILA, covering publications on art of the 4th century AD to the current day. Abstracted materials include books, periodical articles, conference proceedings, festschriften, collected essays, exhibition catalogues, museum publications, and doctoral dissertations. All entries provide full citations and abstracts. In addition, searching is facilitated by three vocabularies: Art & Architecture Thesaurus, Union List of Artist Names and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names.

ABES - Annotated Bibliography for English Studies
ABES is a select catalogue of annotated citations on resources in English Studies. All entries have been peer-reviewed. It does not aim to provide comprehensive coverage of all publications. Information is divided into four main areas: Language and Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Film Studies. A free demonstration version is available, and institutions can organise for a free month's access to the full catalogue.

In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts
CD-ROM available from Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium
A searchable index of the opening words of known Latin texts transmitted in manuscript form, and composed from antiquity up to c. 1500AD. Over 400,000 incipits are included, based on catalogues and microfilms of manuscripts in collections throughout the world, and on primary inspection of more than 15,000 medieval manuscripts especially in French libraries and the Vatican. The electronic version (accessed by keyboard, not mouse) includes references to published texts and/or manuscript witnesses and catalogues.

Index Islamicus
CD-ROM available from Bowker-Saur, East Grinstead
A bibliography of books, articles and reviews on Islam and the Muslim World published from 1906.

Iter Italicum
CD-ROM available from Brell, Leiden
This is based on the six volumes of PO Kristeller, Iter Italicum, accedunt alia itinera: a database of uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued humanistic manuscripts of the Renaissance in libraries around the world. The collection is searchable.

Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue
CD-ROM available from Avero Publications, Newcastle upon Tyne
This aims to be a complete listings of British books printed between 1801 and 1919. British books are taken to include all books published in Britain, its colonies and the United States of America; all books in English wherever published; and all translations from English. It is drawn from the library catalogues of the Bodleian, Cambridge university, Newcastle university, Trinity College (Dublin), British Library, National Library of Scotland, Union catalogue of Harvard University, Library of Congress.

Nineteenth Century on CD-ROM
CD-ROM available from Chadwyck-Healey, Cambridge
Bibliographic records of English-language books and pamphlets considered to be of permanent research value published worldwide (except North America) between 1801 and 1900. Updated annually. The project comprises six collections: General, Linguistics, Publishing, Visual arts and architecture, Women writers and Children's literature.

Philosopher's Index 1940 - March 1999
CD-ROM available from Knight-Ridder Information Inc, Mountain View, California, USA
Index of citations and abstracts of articles and books published around the world since 1940. The collection can be searched by single and multiple keywords. Individual returns can be selected and saved or printed off at the end of a session.

Dead Sea Scrolls select bibliography

Web page listing hundreds of references on the Dead Sea Scrolls, compiled by a specialist in this area. This site is not searchable, and content is organised alphabetically on the author's surname. Abstracts are provided.

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