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Electronic journals

Scholarly journals are increasingly looking to the Internet to increase access and circulation. In some instances the online version is minimal compared with the print editions, providing introductory sections and tables of contents to current and previous volumes only. However, some publishers also provide full text versions. The following list includes only those journals providing the full text of articles (and it includes some journals that are only available electronically).

The JISC (through the Electronic Libraries programme) has negotiated access agreements with a range of major publishers, covering hundreds of scholarly journals. Access to ingentaJournals (formerly known as JournalsOnline) is via the BIDS gateway (access is free to the index and abstracts, but not to the full journal articles). The collection can be searched (by journal name, subject, author, year of publication), and if one's institution subscribes to the journals one can acquire and print off the articles in question (as PDF files). It is possible to 'purchase' individual articles online if one's library does not hold the journal in question. IngentaJournals is also cross-referenced to the other BIDS databases, and when using the latter BIDS indicates which articles may be available for downloading.

ILEJ - Internet Library of Early Journals
The Electronic Libraries programme ran the ILEJ project to digitise 20 year runs of a selection of 18th and 19th century journals. Access is free to academics. The digitised journals are: Gentleman's Magazine*, The Annual Register, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society*, Notes and Queries*, The Builder and Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine*. Each page has been digitised as an image, and reading an article can therefore be time consuming as each page has to be individually downloaded. Those with an asterisk can be searched online: options are title, author, subject index and fuzzy word search (coverage is limited).

Studies in Bibliography
Free online access to the full text of all volumes of this journal. It covers analytical bibliography, textual criticism, manuscript study and the history of printing and publishing, and has contributions from all over the world.

Archaeology and Anthropology
Internet Archaeology
An online refereed journal of archaeology. Access is free, though users need to register online. The journal publishes papers on all aspects of world archaeology, where the paper takes advantage of the flexibility of online publication.

Classics Ireland
Classics Ireland is the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland, available in print and online. Web access is free. The journal includes papers and reviews on all aspects of antiquity.

Journal of the Association for History and Computing

The journal covers all aspects of the use of computers for historical study, at all levels. It includes articles, reviews of publications and resources, reports of work in progress and notices of events. This is a new journal, and is currently taking articles for its second volume.

Early Modern Literary Studies
http://www.humanities.ualberta.ca/emls/emlsframes.html (home site)
http://users.ox.ac.uk/~emls/emlsframes.html (European mirror)
EMLS is a refereed journal for English literature, literary culture, and language of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It contains scholarly articles, reviews and news. The journal is searchable.

Media Studies
Screening the Past

This is an online journal of visual media and history. Access is free. Screening the Past is concerned with: the history of photography, film, television and multimedia, the representation of history on/in these media and the role of these media in social history. The journal includes new articles and reviews, relevant articles previously published elsewhere and news of current events.

POIESIS - Philosophy online serials
Subscription service to online access to full-text versions of a range of Philosophy journals. The 31 journals currently included in POIESIS are in English and other languages, and come from around the world (largely the USA, Britain and Germany). Users have access to current and archived editions of those journals to which their institution already subscribes. A free demonstration version is available, providing access to single issues of three philosophy journals.

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