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from workshop held @ Oxford University 17/11/99

Bibliography Databases, Catalogues and Electronic Journals (Frances Condron)

Catalogues of British libraries
Catalogues of libraries worldwide
Specialist catalogues
Electronic journals

URLS are given for a range of electronic catalogues and journals, and some level of access should be supported from anywhere. Individual institutions and libraries may provide a local entry point to these resources, if they subscribe to them, and in these instances the URL may be different. Many of these catalogues are also available on CD-ROM.

Some subscription services can only be accessed with a user-name and password, generally available through your local library service.

An Overview of Personal Bibliographic Software (Mike Fraser)

Bibliographies and Electronic Sources (Stuart Sutherland)

Citing Internet Sources - Some Practical Tips
Essential Citation Information
Basic Essential Metadata for Your Own Web Pages
Useful Web Resources

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