Teruji Thomas

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teru dot thomas
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About Me

I am a senior research fellow in philosophy at the University of Oxford, based at the Global Priorities Institute. My current work is mainly in normative ethics and decision theory, although I am also interested in the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of physics, formal epistemology, and many other areas.

I was previously a mathematician, working on some topics in representation theory and algebraic geometry. My PhD was from the University of Chicago, and I held research fellowships at Oxford and Edinburgh. Having collaborated on some interdisciplinary projects, I decided to retrain in philosophy, completing a second doctorate at Oxford in 2016.


I teach philosophy undergraduates at various Oxford colleges. I can offer tutorials in ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, and other topics. I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate theses in related areas. In the past I have taught mathematics as a tutor and course lecturer.

Recent Hand-Outs

I am currently teaching the graduate class ‘Fundamentals of Decision Theory’ with Andreas Mogensen.
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In winter 2017 I lectured on ‘Degrees of Belief’, a short introduction to Bayesian epistemology and decision theory.
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In autumn 2017 I co-taught the graduate class ‘Topics in Ethics’ with Hilary Greaves.
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Some Possibilities in Population Axiology
Mind (2018)
Abstract and links >

To appear in The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics
Abstract (contact me for a draft!) >

Utilitarianism With and Without Expected Utility
(with David McCarthy and Kalle Mikkola)
Working paper (2016)
Abstract and links >

Representation of Strongly Independent Preorders by Sets of Scalar-Valued Functions
(with David McCarthy and Kalle Mikkola)
Working paper (2017)
Abstract and links >

Topics in Population Ethics
DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford (2016)
Link to archived copy >

On the CPT Theorem (with Hilary Greaves)
Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics (2014)
Abstract and links >

Weil Representation and Transfer Factor
Algebra and Number Theory (2013)
Abstract and links >

Characteristic Cycle of the Theta Sheaf
Manuscript (2012)
Abstract and links >

Compatible Intertwiners for Representations of Finite Nilpotent Groups (with Masoud Kamgarpour)
Representation Theory (2011)
Abstract and links >

The Character of the Weil Representation
J. London Mathematical Society (2008)
Abstract and links >

The Maslov Index as a Quadratic Space
Mathematical Research Letters (2006)
Abstract and links >

High-Spin States in 205Rn: A New Shears Band Structure?
J. Novak et al., Physical Review C (1999)
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Current Projects

See here for the research agenda of the Global Priorities Institute. Below is a list of some of my on-going projects. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

  • Self-locating credence and objective chance
  • Time-relative interests and personal identity
  • Utilitarian and egalitarian aggregation theorems
  • Vagueness and contingency of value
  • Consequentialism and risk aversion
  • Homotopy type theory, category theory, and structuralism

Assorted Notes

Notes on QFT and Geometric Quantization
Seminars at Edinburgh, c. 2012 >

Hecke Theory in the Language of Vector Bundles
Master’s thesis, 2003 >

Structure Constants of the Global Hecke Algebra
Research proposal, c. 2006 >

Structure Constants Formulary
Calculations with tamely ramified automorphic forms on the projective line, c. 2007 >

Cobordisms, Categories, and Quadratic Forms
Talk for Oxford Topology Seminar, 2008 >

Edinburgh Maslov Index Seminar
Lecture notes thanks to Thomas Koeppe, 2010 >

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