Zool III

You can download Zool III as a single file, or view each chapter individually. Sorry, but they're all in poorly formatted plain text (I'm afraid I don't have the original word processor file). If the ugliness of formatting discourages just one person from reading this drivel, then it's certainly for the best.

Episode One
Grandson of Zool
by Mark Charsley
Episode Two
The Conspectus
by Colin Wilkinson
Episode Three
ZOOL3 - Hobbit Without a Beard
by Tim Adye
Episode Four
The In-Joke
by Mark Charsley
Just when you thought it was safe to cancel your life membership...
by Mark Charsley
Episode Five
A Change of Mind
by Jason Stevens
Episode Six
Frankly a Retrograde Step
by Penny Heal
Episode Seven
The Next Episode
by Mark Charsley
Episode Eight
The Second Coming
by Ralph Lovegove
Episode Nine
Oh No, Not Again
by Matt Bishop
Episode Ten
The Crackly Bits
by Tim Martin
Episode Eleven
Jurassic Zool
by Mark Charsley
Episode Twelve
Footnotes not included
by Ralph Lovegrove
Zool III was written in Michaelmas 1993.
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