The books and papers that I have written are listed chronologically in these pages. Click the links on the left. Some of the papers are available for download as PDF files.

If you are a student or researcher in biological sciences you may be interested in Practical Statistics for the Biosciences. Simple Pathways to Statistical Analyses, a new statistics textbook for bioscientists that I have co-authored with Chris Pereira.
The text provides a concise guide to the most common statistical tests
used by students and researchers in the biosciences. The book is
accompanied by a CD-ROM containing both Windows and Apple Macintosh
versions of PractiStat, a new computer programme for statistical
analysis that we have also written. PractiStat is intended both as a
teaching aid to work through the examples provided and as a valuable and
easy to use tool for statistical analysis of the user’s own data.
You can find further details and download a sample chapter or order a copy here.