James W. Taylor


James W. Taylor
Sad Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1HP
United Kingdom
email: james.taylor@sbs.ox.ac.uk


Research interests:

    My research is in time series forecasting. I am particularly interested in two methodological areas: (1) the estimation of forecast uncertainty and (2) exponential smoothing methods.


    My work has mainly concerned the following application areas: call centres, energy, financial markets and inventory control.

Published and Accepted Journal Papers:

    Taylor, J.W., Yu, K. 2016. Using Autoregressive Logit Models to Forecast the Exceedance Probability for Financial Risk Management. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, forthcoming. (pdf)

    Jeon, J., Taylor, J.W. 2016. Short-term Density Forecasting of Wave Energy Using ARMA-GARCH Models and Kernel Density Estimation. International Journal of Forecasting, forthcoming. (pdf)

    Taylor, J.W., Jeon, J. 2016. Forecasting Wind Power Quantiles Using Conditional Kernel Estimation. Renewable Energy, forthcoming. (pdf)

    Taylor, J.W., Roberts, M.B. 2016. Forecasting Frequency-Corrected Electricity Demand to Support Frequency Control. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 31, 1925-1932. (pdf)

    Arora, S., Taylor, J.W. 2016. Forecasting Electricity Smart Meter Data using Conditional Kernel Density Estimation. Omega, 59, 47-59. (pdf)

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    Taylor, J.W. 2012. Density Forecasting of Intraday Call Center Arrivals Using Models Based on Exponential Smoothing. Management Science, 58, 534-549. (pdf)

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    Taylor, J.W. 2011. Multi-item Sales Forecasting with Total and Split Exponential Smoothing. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 62, 555563. (pdf)

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Other publications:

    Taylor, J.W., A. Espasa. 2008. Introduction to Special Issue on Energy Forecasting. International Journal of Forecasting, 24, 561-565.(pdf)


    Taylor, J.W. 2006. Comments on on 'Exponential Smoothing: The State of the Art - Part II' by E.S. Gardner, Jr., International Journal of Forecasting, 22, 671-672.(pdf)


    Taylor, J.W. 2003. Forecasting Weather Variable Densities for Weather Derivatives and Energy Prices. In: Bunn, D.W. (Ed.), Modeling Prices in Competitive Electricity Markets, Wiley.


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